Virus Pandemic? Work from Home? No Problem.

Are you panicked about COVID-19? News outlets and media are all advising everyone to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary contact. You may think this is impossible considering you’ll have to go into the office every day. What if we told you it’s not? What if you could access your office from home? That’s where Kota Systems comes in.

There are different options to securely remote into your office computer from home. Kota Systems can get you set up with quick and secure access to your work network right from your laptop or desktop at home. There are also more advanced options that offer better performance and security; we can also assist you with those setups, too.

Many sites may offer ‘free’ solutions, but no solution is actually free of cost. Kota Systems can help you with an efficient setup that would allow you to work from home.

As security is a top priority at Kota, we also ensure private, secure connections. Contact us at (605) 799-1199 for more details.

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