Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for the Holiday Season Rush

As the holiday season approaches, many businesses will face a surge in online transactions and traffic. With more visitors and more happening, your website and IT infrastructure may be at greater risk than usual. Are you prepared for the holiday season? Make sure you follow these five key steps to keep your website and internal structure up and running.

1. Map your expectations

Have a solid idea of how much traffic you can expect during the holiday season. Don't forget about things like Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, which can lead to a considerable spike in your usual visitor numbers.

2. Test your bandwidth

Make sure you're prepared for the number of visitors you expect. If you aren't ready for holiday traffic, make alterations now that will allow you to handle the load, whether that means adding more storage or improving your infrastructure. Kota can evaluate your current technology set up and make recommendations for improvement. Additionally, you can purchase your hardware needs through Kota Commerce.

3. Review vulnerabilities

If you haven't undertaken your annual cybersecurity testing yet, now could be the ideal time to do it. Check for any vulnerabilities, and make sure you are prepared to handle any cyberattacks. Kota specializes in both cloud and network security.

4. Establish a plan for outages

Outages can happen, whether due to a denial-of-service attack or simple overload from holiday shoppers. Prepare for how you will handle outages. Lay out everything from extending coupons and deals so that customers can use them even if the website goes down for a while during peak periods, to how you will bring your network back up.

5. Check your backups

The upcoming holiday season is the ideal reminder to make sure that your backups are in working order and that you won't lose anything essential if a system goes down or you're hit with a ransomware attack.

Let Kota Help You Prepare for the Holidays

At Kota Tech, we have the tools to help you prepare your business infrastructure and your cybersecurity for the holiday season rush. Any industry can participate in holiday season sales to increase traffic and your bottom line. Contact us today to get the help you need to prepare for the holidays.

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